Thankfully the Rat does not scurry about in a FiRat, although they are very angry cars. Rat's old car was red, and we all know that red is the angriest of the colors. So of course when Rat moved to Shitaly, he wanted a red car. Rat took out a loan from the Rank and spent all of his rubbish allowance to buy this new, improved Ratmobile. This Ratmobile was good because it was much faster than the old one. Going fast is the angriest type of driving(other than scurring away, screeching tires, and crashing into dumpsters, of course). Unfortunately Rat has no money after buying this car- he can't even afford rubbish Shitalian food, and so he has to eat out of the garbage. And Rat can't afford to drive more than 10 feet because of the RUBBISH Ratropeans and their ANGRY expensive gas for NO reason. So Rat had this smart idea that he would ship the Ratmobile back to the U.S. What Rat didn't realize is that with a car you can't just scurry along the rope to get onto the ship, you actually have to pay money. GARBAGE plan not working. So now Rat just sits in his Ratmobile making car noises trying to get some play, but we all know the Rat is too angry to have game- especially with prude Shitalians and especially when his rubbish car has no gas.

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