Rat's Friends

Strange, you think, the Rat can't possibly have friends. Well believe it or not, he does. They aren't your ordinary friends though, you see they learned to become friends through a mutual hatred and lots of angry events.

Angry Jack:

Rat's old friend used to be Evan Wiling. Rat used to get in many fights with Evan, and Evan always won. But almost every day the Rat would try again and get his ass beat. Unfortunately when Rat left the U.S. Evan Wiling stayed behind. So Rat found a new friend in Shitaly, Angry Jack. Angry Jack was American too, from the angry state of Ratessee. Rat fights with Angry Jack a lot too, at least once a weekend. And Angry Jack also kicks Rat's ass.

The Screw:

Nobody knows what exactly the screw is. The Rat didn't know either, and it didnt answer when he asked, so he tried to bite it and cracked his teeth. This made rat even angrier, so he tried to bite it again and cracked more teeth. After several more times, the Rat gave up and decided to go fight Angry Jack. From now on, whenever Rat fights Angry Jack, the mysterious screw is always present.

The Hat:

Rat sometimes wears the hat when he is in a big fight with Angry Jack. Some girl told the Rat that the Hat made his head look like a penis. Now the Rat likes the Hat. It is also an especially angry hat, reminding Rat of the times when people drove cars with no windshield, which must have made them angry. And the Rat Baron wore one, you know the guy with the angry red plane with 3 wings, he was definately an angry person. So Rat likes the hat, but now needs to find some angry goggles to go with it. And not plastic, either, because metal is much angrier than plastic.

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