Ratís brother died the other day.Sadly, Rat hated his brother as much as he hated anyone else.Ratís brotherís death has become famous though.You see, Ratís brother was the first rat to be eaten on the show ĎSurvivorí, which made PETA angry(story here).Ordinarily Rat would be happy that someone in his family made people angry- but itís PETA, and they piss the Rat off.Of course Rat hates us too, so he was unavailable for comment.But heres what some of his friends had to say.



And rats have rights??? NO THEY DON'T

I now feel the need to go find a rat or some other small animal and crush it with a dictionary or something. I hope these activists can feel that insignificant POS vermin's pain when I do it too. Then I'm not gonna eat it (not that hungry). I may cut it up just for fun though.I ask everyone who reads this to do the same. Go out and kill something insignificant tonight. Run over a squirrel or step on an ant. If you find a fly in your house try to catch it without killing it. Then rip it's wings off and poke out its eyes. That should get these PETA folks questioning whether or not there's a God. Or if you live in a free state, unlike me, and you own a hunting rifle go shoot a happy little bird or something. Maybe even go crazy and shoot bambi with a bow and arrow. Then mount its head on your wall. Why??? Because you CAN!

- Jon Val


"What gives mankind the right to kill, at will??? I'll tell you what, GUNS, big F~ing guns, With GIANT F~ing BULLETS pal."

-Dennis Leary


Well, i am going to go kill 2 mice by whacking them real hard against a hard surface. Then i am going to feed them to my little meat eating snake. Then i am thinking about going out and eating a nice big piece of steak. I am an animal mass murderer and proud of it





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